Rail as a catalyst for regional growth: Discussion Paper, January 2022

The Rail Futures Institute (RFI) in conjunction with the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA)  has prepared a detailed Discussion Paper "Rail as a Catalyst for Regional Growth" proposing that future population growth in Victoria should be focused in seeing that a much greater share of Victoria's population growth is realized in major regional centres, to achieve a more balanced distribution of future population growth. The discussion paper canvasses the many issues involved in achieving greater growth in regional centres and especially the role that passenger rail can play as a key enabler in shrinking distance and achieving in future a much larger share of population growth in Regional Victoria.  Two versions of the Discussion Paper can be accessed and downloaded in PDF format (links below). Firstly a 16 page  Summary Version, and secondly a 74 page detailed version.  The RFI & TCPA  welcomes feed back from all interested parties which should be addressed to either secretary@railfutures.org.au  or  secretary@tcpa.org.au